Size Guide


Typically square, wash cloths are the smallest in the towel family making them perfect for cleansing your face. They are also typically rolled up or hung for decoration in powder/guest bathrooms. You can purchase these separately but they are often bought with a set.

Bath Towel

This is the all-purpose, everyday out-of-the-shower (or bath) must-have for every home. Perfect for everyday use, be it soft or hard, these towels are fast dry, absorbent and can withstand many washes.

Hand Towel

Simply the go-to towel after washing hands.

Bath Sheet

The XL version of the bath towel, bath sheets are the largest in the towel family and are best suited for those who require extra coverage. The additional length and width make bath sheets feel more luxurious than bath towels. They are available separately or with sets.

Pool Towels

Chlorine safe and typically larger than a bath towel, pool towels are designed both for drying off and laying out. Note that pool towels are also likely to be made of thinner material that is still good for soaking up water but less likely to trap dirt and other outdoor grime.