Bath Linens

Bathrooms have become mini spas, a place to relax and indulge. The quality of your white, fluffy towels is paramount. Made using only the finest yarns, our towels and bathrobes undergo rigorous quality control to ensure only the finest products are delivered to our customers. Read our bath linen guide for more information.



Indulge in the Luxurious Towels where opulence, quality, and comfort converge to provide you with the ultimate bath experience. Crafted to standards of the finest hotels, our towels offer the perfect blend of softness and durability.

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Bath Robes

The Essential Guide to Finding Your Perfect Bathrobe A dressing gown — known to some as a bathrobe — is a luxurious and loose-fitting garment that can make a chilly morning or evening more comfortable.

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Face Cloths

100% cotton face cloths are available in 3 styles and weights ranging from a cost effective plain terry at 400gsm to our patterned plain weave at 500gsm, ensuring we have a style of face cloth for your needs.

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Bath Mats

Transform Your Bath Space with Luxury and Comfort. Introducing the Luxe Bath Mats Collection by Thornton Mills, where opulence, comfort, and style converge to elevate your daily bathing rituals.

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Our disposable slipper collection is ideal for the spa and leisure industry due to their lightweight comfort. Closed toe Terry slippers can be found in various UK hotels and are an ideal hotel slipper whilst the adjustable open toe waffle slipper is a suitable spa slipper.

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